Ice e-Mystery

Ice e-mystery - a collaborative writing project between twelve Australian school classes and twelve Alaskan school classes based around polar science.


Just imagine pairs of classes across the globe working on the same story! 60 kids, 2 classes, 2 continents: one story. Student driven, student illustrated, with sound science behind the investigations.

Sounds impossible? Oh, and doing this with 12 pairs, so 12 stories!

Inside this website you’ll find stories developed by students from Tasmania, Queensland and Alaska who delved into a mystery genre narrative of their own making. You’ll find science exploration assisted by scientist from leading polar research organisations, indigenous knowledge from both sides of the globe and a fascinating adventure.

The site provides a captivating insight into how the students’ developed the stories, with their comments on each other’s ideas, their draft stories and illustrations and the final edited and graphic designed e-books.

Iceburg photo

Ice-e-Mystery overview and evaluation document cover

ice e-mystery overview and evaluation