Group 9

Mystery Under the Antarctic Ice

Doctor Fred Frost, or more infamously “Frost Bite” , laughed hysterically as he conjured up his evil plans: Soon the whole of Antarctica would be his for the ruling, and NOBODY would be able to do anything about it!
On a top secret website he had applied for assistants to make his plans a reality.
5 people preferably men,
For a top secret mission!
Like the cold
Not be scared of the water
Be fit physically
Be self-sufficient
Enquiries to :Dr FrostBite
He’d also obtained a nuclear powered submarine that he had brought from the same site! (Like E-bay only eviler!)


Ex-Military Submarine

· Complete with nuclear power
· Air conditioning and heat
· Plasma screen TV and executive lounge
· Ice crushing drill

Any offers over $2,000,000 considered


Not only would Fred Frost mine all the minerals and oil from the Antarctic territory—he planned to do it without the rest of the world knowing?
It didn’t take long for responses, and despite advertising for five assistants he found four minions that were suitable:
Billy - who had a black belt in ninjutsu and a Ph.D. in Chemistry.
Junior -  a computer expert who had spent the last 5 years in jail after hacking into the World Bank.
Joe – who is a buff airhead.  Hired for muscle and protection (Frost Bites personal body guard)
And lastly Shirley - an engineering student with an obsession with penguins.
Chapter 1:
The submarine crew, Doctor Frost and his new minions were winding their way into the Southern Ocean, feeling safe and undetectable beneath the Polar ice.
Doctor Frost had spent months planning for this but little did he know that Junior was a secret undercover agent from the newly formed, and secret, A.A.A (Antarctic Agents Assoc.) who had been assigned on the case of Doctor Frost.
Junior looked up from his computer screen as Billy walked in to their shared room. Luckily Junior had already sent his email to the A.A.A. The motion of the submarine was still making Billy sick: “Thank goodness the submarine will be docking soon at the ice self” .
“Yeah” said Junior, ”I’ve always wanted to visit Antarctica”…

Chapter 2

At the AAA HQ agents Bob and Tim were responding to Junior’s message.



Subject: Evil illegal plan

Frost Bite plans to mine all the oil and minerals out of Antarctica. We are on an ex-military submarine heading to the Ross Ice Shelf. Please be careful when writing back. My roommate could look at read my e-mail, but I am not worried about the bodyguard Joe. He won’t be a problem. Will await further instruction.



Re: evil illegal plan

We don’t have enough evidence to bag Frost Bite. Please plant your tracking devices at the HQ, where they are digging etc. When you get to the Antarctic HQ, please contact us again. Also take pictures, get prints and study what they are doing and send them to us as soon as possible. Be careful, Frost Bite is a dangerous man.

Bob and Tim sent the message. Bob said, “ I think Junior is going to be in trouble. Frost Bite can be menacing.”

“Yes, I agree,” Tim replied. “I hope he survives long enough to let us know the location of the Antarctic HQ.”

Chapter 3

The submarine bumped around as Dr. Frost Bite drilled the ice. He maniacally looked from his GPS to the controls of the sub’s drill and back again. The submarines edges scraped along the ice of the tunnel. It wasn’t so hard to drill because the whole area had been drilled the previously by Frost Bite’s men, but had re-frozen in the months since then. Frost Bite’s men had been working for just under two years setting up the site and now it was almost ready.

It was deep within the ice. Some of the ice on the Ross Shelf was almost 1 kilometre thick so there was plenty of room to build. This secret lab was under ice that had been stable for some time, and Frost Bites ice experts had basically guaranteed it would remain safe for as long as they needed it. It wasn’t far from a crevasse – a great fissure in the ice – and that would be used to gain access to the surface when they needed it.

The Submarine’s drill point nose stopped it’s whirring noise as it broke through the last layer of ice and popped into what looked like a small lake – though it was hard to tell too much through a periscope. Dr. Frost chortled to himself. Hee hee hee hee ha ha ha ha. It was all as he had planned.

After being submerged for the best part of 3 weeks the sub pulled into a dock carved out of pure ice. Next to it was another submarine. It had frost covering it from front to back and didn’t look like it was in the best condition. “Brr its cold I thought we was going on holidays” Joe said (AIRHEAD), as they unloaded the boxes and boxes of Dr. Frost’s stuff and then put them in the small shack where Dr. Frosts lab had been set up.

There were yurt style buildings set up in a perimeter around the lake. Each had signs designating their use, but the crew of the sub were looking forward to some quiet time after the noise of the drilling, and would leave the exploring until later.

Junior sent a quick email to the A.A.A via his satellite phone, he had only one bar of signal, and that was with all the technological stuff Dr Frost had already put into place. Apparently it would get better later as there was a snow storm above. Some days, or weeks even, there would be no signals out.



Subject: setting up

Dr. Frosts lab now at Ross Ice shelf. I will email you as soon as I get any more evidence against Dr. Frostbite. Have taken photos of initial surroundings but we are busy unpacking so I will be missed if I do anything else now. I don’t know how you’ll find this place form above. Phone signal is weak.

Junior hit the send button on his phone. The rest of the crew had finished unpacking the boxes from the sub. It would take about a week to set it all up inside the structures, and then Dr. Frost’s plan would swing into overload.


At the AAA, Bob and Tim grinned with excitement. They loved the idea of their first major capture. Even if it was something the world would probably never know about.


Billy and Shirley had been talking as Junior approached them. They were laughing at Joe. “Look at him”, said Billy “he’s like a G.I. Joe doll I had when I was 6”.

“And he’s wearing a suit like he’s on a jungle mission - is that a singlet?” replied Shirley

“I heard him telling you that he was named after G.I. Joe” said Junior, “and that’s why he wanted to join the army. That’s where he got his training initially.”

“I think he was flirting with Shirley. But she only wants to see the Adelie Penguins that breed here” added Junior.

“It must be hard being the only girl on our mission”, said Billy to Shirley. Junior laughed at Tim and said he must have a crush too.

The three of them passed the last of the crew who had built the under water lair as they packed away their things. The build crew would leave as soon as they packed the second sub that waited by the dock. Junior offered to help one of the men with a heavy box. Billy and Shirley went in search of coffee – one of the few vices that health freak Dr. Frost would allow.

As he left the sub and it’s crew Junior clipped a homing device to the sub. It would send a signal to the AAA and help them track the base, and question the men aboard.

He watched as the submarine sank beneath the icy water and went to find Shirley, Billy and their coffee. A tiny red dot bleeped on his phone’s GPS and he hoped that it was also showing at the AAA.

Later that night: Doctor Frost sat in his lab like an organist at the biggest pipe organ in the world. He pressed buttons and flicked through statistics and graphs on many screens around him. He then flipped open a plastic cover and pressed the red button that lay beneath him.


At the AAA Tim and Bob had been monitoring the progress of the submarine on the GPS. They had organized an Australian Naval boat to intercept the sub at first light. They would soon have answers to some of their questions. Bob was almost ready to celebrate when the small red dot they’d been watching for the last 12 hours suddenly blinked out.


Chapter 4

Everyone at the AAA was frantically pressing buttons trying to regain the signal. “It’s not working! The signal has been blocked!” Tim yelled.

“I know,” replied Bob, “ thank goodness we have locked onto their location. We can send word to McMurdo to send out a helicopter to those coordinates. Maybe there will be something odd going on in that area.”

“Yeah. Good idea. Let’s e-mail Junior. He can give us the sub’s final location.” Tim said.

“I can’t get an e-mail signal either!” Bob replied. “Dr. Frost must be behind this.”


Earlier that evening, Dr. Frost sat at his small desk going over the last details of the shipment that would head out in the morning. Looking up he saw something that caught his eye. The door to Junior’s room was open the tiniest crack. The room was dark except for the faint glow coming from Junior’s and Billy’s shared computer. It wouldn’t hurt if I took a quick look around, he thought. Junior is out finding coffee, and I’m the man in charge here!

Dr. Frost tiptoed across the hall and carefully opened the door. He laughed quietly to himself. This was perfect! Junior had logged on to his e-mail, and then forgotten to turn his computer off. He always found that the best policy in life was never to trust anyone. Dr. Frost clicked the first e-mail on the long list of opened mail.



Subject: Sub’s location

Great job, Junior. You have successfully planted the tracking device on Frost Bite’s sub. We’re on our way. Remember, keep a low profile. Dr. Frost cannot find out you’re working for us.

I can’t believe this! I’m supposed to be an evil genius! Dr. Frost thought. How could I let an A.A.A. agent on board without even knowing?

It was because of the e-mail that Dr. Frost had pushed the red button. As his finger depressed the large red circle, he grinned like a cat that had out smarted the mouse. His sub would be invincible. The red button had deployed a protective shield that prevented any GPS or computer communication from coming either in or out of the submarine. And his shipment was due to depart in about 24 hours. He had all the illegally refined minerals and oil he would need to sell on the black market to make a ton of money.

Back at the A.A.A. Tim said to Bob, “I know a man named Doctor Z., who works at Wilson Infrasound Technologies at McMurdo. Maybe he could help us. Infrasound measures frequencies of sound that are to low for humans to hear. Perhaps that would work for tracking the sub.”

Bob spun his chair around. “Ok, let’s e-mail him, Tim.”



Hello Dr. Z,

I was wondering if you could help us track a sub in the 60th parallel with your Infrasound technologies?






My technology can’t do that, but a friend of mine down here in McMurdo Station can. He works with aqua-sound technology. I use infrasound to monitor nuclear testing around the world. My friend can tell you about aqua sound. He works on a seismology ship that uses sound to track the ocean floor and objects in the ocean. Maybe his technology will help you find a ship. His E-mail address is

Good luck!

Dr. Z

Tim opened a new message on his computer. It began:


I got your name from Dr. Z at McMurdo Station.

Chapter 5

The Australian Navy had been alerted.  They had also contracted with a oil company to use one of their seismic ships to map the area Dr. Frost was thought to be in.  Submarines from Australia and the U.S. had been also called to the area.

Frost’s sub was moving snail-like, careful to avoid icebergs in the Ross Ice Shelf. He knew that nine-tenths of an iceberg lay beneath the water and he didn’t want to take the chance to hit one of these big fellows. Dr. Frost had told Joe, his body guard to kill Junior as soon as possible.  He had been betrayed and he was seething with revenge.  It would only be about 1 hour before the sub would hit the open seas and then it would be near impossible to find it.  He wanted Junior dead, so that there would be no chance of any more communication.  He wasn’t sure what else Junior might have up his sleeve.

“Where is that Junior?” grunted Dr. Frost to himself. “Um…..I don’t know, Dr. Frost” said Joe in an uncertain voice. “I wasn’t asking you - you airhead” growled Dr. Frost. “I’m sorry Dr. Frost” Joe mumbled.   Dr. Frost didn’t reply he just walked away in an angry motion to his laboratory and stared into his computer screens with anger in his eyes and Googled how to assassinate an agent without anyone finding out. Whilst Dr. Frost was on the computer….

Chapter 6

Nothing much more was going on inside the HQ. The only action that was going on was Joe giving Billy and Shirley hand wrestles. Of course, Joe won so Shirley and Billy gave Joe a mental task and with no surprises Joe failed. Joe had forgotten the important job Dr. Frost had given him. This went on for hours until all three were exhausted mentally and physically, so all three went to sleep. Whilst the three were asleep the door to the entertainment area opened slowly and in popped Juniors head, he saw the three asleep so he quietly crept inside and went to his sleeping area to write down notes in his notebook about the stuff he has found out until he heard a bump. Junior got out his bed to go investigate, he walked around the corner and saw Dr. Frost tinkering around, Frost didn’t notice him so he kept sly, he had a closer look and realized that what Dr. Frost was tinkering around with was a bomb. “Wow that’s a really big bomb Junior thought to himself.” He quickly walked the opposite way back towards his sleeping area to e-mail the AAA.



Subject: The Bomb

I just saw Dr. Frost tinkering around with a really big bomb. I think he’s making the timer for it to blow up his lair. I think he could be onto us. Call in the big guns!



Subject: Reply-The Bomb realized that

Okay, be careful. Find out what you can.

“Okay, should I confront him, no I shouldn’t, maybe I should” mumble Junior. “Maybe I should just talk to the others about it, I know I’ll talk to Joe he’s stupid enough to tell all”. Junior whispered to himself feeling extremely smart. “Oh, he’s asleep, I’ll do it later”. So Junior went to spy on Dr. Frost.

Junior’s special training was not enough to sense someone following him. Dressed in all white and pulling a hood over his head – Joe crept along the ice corridor following Junior.

Deep in the Southern Ocean: The sub was moving snail-like, careful to avoid icebergs in the Ross Ice Shelf. Captain Wilco knew that nine-tenths of an iceberg lay beneath the water and he didn’t want to take the chance to hit one of these big fellows.  They carried all the people who’d built the base – Frost would take no chances in getting caught and who would believe them if they told their story back on dry land? The crew wondered about the devices they had built. Those strange machines that tracked meteorites and carried them back in their bellies. The drills and pumps leaching oil out of the Antarctic territory. They had been working for months and a huge stockpiles were building up. The machines were self-sufficient. The crew just weren’t sure why Frost needed to be there himself….

Junior was on his way back to his room when the first bullet whizzed by his head.  He grabbed his concealed weapon and fired back.  He saw someone in white clothing dive behind an ice partition. “Oh, no!” he thought, “I’ve been found out!.”  He grabbed his pistol and hid behind the ice.

Junior shouted, “Give up, there is no escape!”  In spy school they had taught him to never apologize, never admit you are wrong, and to take control of every situation.  Looking at his surroundings he noticed icicles above Joe’s head. Thinking fast, Junior shot the ceiling and icicles and knocked Joe unconscious.


The arrival of armed men from the AAA caught the minions and workers unexpectedly.  Within minutes they had them all captured, including Bill and Shirley and had them rounded up.  They then began the process of restraining them and taking some back to McMurdo.  Dr. Frostbite was not among the prisoners.  Junior had tranquilized him just before he had was able to detonate the bomb.  His ice building and all its equipment were now in the possession of the AAA.

Junior became a hero and received a metal from presidents’ of Australia and the U.S.  He never talked about what Dr. Frost had told him before he became immobilized.  He would carry that secret with him forever.